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Allowing Future Generations to Benefit
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WIWD Scholarships

Student tuition and life after high school can be costly for new adults. In previous years, the West Interlake Watershed District has offered scholarships to high school graduates to provide them with the opportunity of making these high costs more affordable. To participate in the scholarship, students are asked to write an essay on a specific topic that generaly reflects the benefits of the watershed. Together, the Executive Board decides which essays answer the question most precisely. To qualify, students must be in their gradutating year of high school and attend a school located within the districts boundaries. 

If you or someone you know is expecting to graduate high school this coming school year, we encourrage them to apply for our scholarship. The link to the form can be found on the following page : click here!

In 2024, we asked that applicants write a 3-5 page essay pondering possible programs which the West Interlake Watershed District may consider offering in the future. Another two grade twelve students were awarded with each a $750 scholarship for their creative responses to this years essay topic. We would like to congratulate both recipients for their innovative program ideas which reflected the WIWD's goals to improve our watershed.

In 2023, two students were each awarded a $500 scholarship for their fascinating papers. The essay subject asked students to descibe the benefits and purpose of the watershed, as well as to imagine a new program that the WIWD could offer or expand on an existing program with an objective to improve the state of our watershed. Both scholarship recipients demonstrated their knowledge and we congratulate them on their hard work.

In 2022, the WIWD was able to offer 3 scholarships to students. We asked applicants to write a two page essay describing how the WIWD improves the environment. That year, Katirina Zotter from École Communautaire Aurèle Lemoine along with Shanly Sigfusson and Anna Osmond from Ashern Central School were awarded with the scholarships for their well written papers. Their essays reflected the WIWD's purpose in highlighting the health of our environment, and how we can improve it.

Ashern Girls Scholarship Awards


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