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Shoreline Protection Workshop


Shoreline Protection Workshop

Put on by the WIWCD on August 18, 2013 at the Parish Hall in St. Laurent at 3:00 P.M, .

Cris Randall gave a presentation on Bioengineering for Shoreline Protection

Combining natural vegetation with engineering techniques, bioengineering protects against shoreline erosion while sustaining habitat for wildlife and maintaining waterside landscapes.

The workshop covered a range of methods from basic planting principles to advanced protection for heavily impacted areas. Recent projects helped demonstrate how these techniques are being applied across Manitoba. With a little planning many of the methods used can offer land owners a lower cost alternative to more traditional hard engineering.

To view Chris Randall's presentation click here.

Allan Sabados made a presentation on the tree species that will be offered to residents through the Tree Seedling Program and from Sabados' Greenhouse

To view Sabados' booklet click here.

The application for seedlings will be available online soon.



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