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Project Maps

The West Interlake Watershed Conservation District (WIWCD) completed many projects over the past seven years. The WIWCD Well Water Protection program is designed to assist watershed residents with the protection and restoration of drinking water sources. Specific drinking water protection projects that the WIWCD are involved in include: Abandoned Well Sealing, Flowing Wells and Well Head Protection. The Winter Off Site Watering System Program is designed to assist landowners to relocate winter feeding sites of livestock away from main water source. The Forage Seed / Seed Protection Assistance Program and Sod Seeding Assistance Program are designed to assist landowners in protecting marginal or erosion - prone areas by establishing a permanent forage cover. These Programs are ultimately enhancing agriculrural productivity and encouraging efficient land management. The Riparian Management Program is designed to assist landowners in the protection and restoration of riparian areas along waterways in an effort to reduce sediments and nutrients entering our water, to reduce stream bank erosion, enhance fish and wildlife habitat, improve herd health and create safe environment for livestock. In addition, the WIWCD is offering: Community Tree Nursery Program (the cost of 25 seedlings is covered by the WIWCD) and Low-flow Toilet Rebate Program (a $ 50.00 rebate of the purchase of Low Flow Toilets).

You can view maps with locations of completed projects here