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Water Test Days

Applications are closed at this time.

Check back in April 2025 for more information!

The WIWD will be covering the cost of 1 Coliform & E.coli Water Sample (100 ml bottle) valued at $30.00 for wells that have not yet been tested since March 31st 2024.

Landowners can also choose to pay for 1 Advanced Drinking Water Quality Sample (Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium, Potassium, Manganese, Zinc, Iron, Nitrogen-Nitrate, Nitrogen-Nitrite, Chloride, Sulfate, pH, Hardness, Conductivity, Arsenic, Boron, Barium, Fluoride, and Uranium) (500 ml bottle) at a subsidized rate of $95.00 valued at $200.00 per household for any residents within the WIWD Boundaries.

A request Form must be completed and submitted to the WIWD Office by May 14, 2024 (if testing on May 21st) or June 18th, 2024 (if testing on June 25th).

If/when approved, the WIWD will notify landowner of approval by email or mail.

Bottles and Chain of Custody forms can be obtained at the RM Offices or at the WIWD Office.

The applicant will be responsible to collect the water sample on the day of delivery (May 21st or June 25th, 2024), and to deliver it to either the WIWD Office in Lundar or to your local RM Office before 10:00 a.m. along with a "proof of approval" (email or letter)

The WIWD will be collecting samples from drop-off locations on May 21st or June 25th 2024, dependent on the testing day approved, to deliver them to the Horizon Lab in Winnipeg. 

Results will be emailed to each individual and shared with the WIWD. 

Please see application form for water testing here.

Please see flyer for water testing here.