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Allowing Future Generations to Benefit
from our Forward Thinking

Community Tree Nursery Program

We are excited to announce a new Project: Building Resilience and Improving Lake Manitoba Watershed.

Support for this Project has been provided by the WIWCD and the Conservation  Trust, a Manitoba Climate and Green Plan Initiative delivered by the Manitoba Habitat Heritage Corporation, in cooperation with Sabados Green House, RM of Woodlands, Armstrong, St. Laurent, Coldwell, West Interlake and RM of Grahamdale.

This Project will provide the Lake Manitoba Watershed and it's residents with many environmental benefits.

Through this Project you can place an order for listed seedlings and trees, where first $ 80.00 will be covered. In addition, any order above $ 80.00 will be subsidized at 50% rate. You can receive maximum up to $ 200.00 subsidy per order.

You can apply for this Project if you own a property within WIWCD boundaries. One application per property owner.

Application Form

Ordered tree seedling will be ready for a pick up at Sabados greenhouse in the spring of 2020. The cost for seedlings depending on the variety.  

If you have any questions, please call us at 204-762-5850 or send email to:


The intake of applications ended October 31, 2019