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Mandate Mission

To assess the health of the watershed and address regional land and water issues in a cooperative, long-term planned approach, in a sustainable manner.

Established in June 2008

The West Interlake Watershed Conservation District was established in June 2008 with a population of approximately 7854 watershed residents, and covers an area of 6,948 square kilometres.

The district renamed as a West Interlake Watershed District (WIWD) in January 2020. 

A watershed (or drainage basin) is an area of land which acts like a funnel, collects precipitation as it falls and funnels it into a creek/river and ultimately into a lake or ocean. Each watershed is separated topographically from adjacent watersheds by a geographical barrier such as a ridge, hill or mountain. Watersheds drain into other watersheds in a hierarchical pattern, with smaller sub watersheds combining into larger watersheds.

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