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Executive Board

Role of the Executive Board

The WIWD Executive Board is managed by five Sub District Chairpersons. Each Municipality within the District appoints two people to each sub-district, of which they are from.

One appointee must be a ratepayer and the other a councillor or a ratepayer, but not two councillors. The membership meet each year for the Annual General Meeting and decide, by ballot, who will be the Chairperson and Vice Chairperson of the WIWD Executive Board.

When one of the sub-district chairpersons is elected Executive Board Chairperson, that sub-district shall appoint another member to sit on the Executive Board and serve as Sub District Chairperson.

The Board is responsible and accountable for all matters relating to its programming. The Board hires staff to assist with program creation, as well as program and project implementation, approved by sub-district and Board members.


Sub Districts Chairpersons:

Dog Lake Sub District - Dwayne Germain

Swan Creek Sub District - T. Nevakshonoff

Swan Creek Sub District Vice Chair - Grant Sigfusson

Shoal Lake Sub District - J. Stefanson

Lake Francis Sub District - B. Fleury

Lake St. Martin Sub District - Craig Howse

Provincial Appointee - J. Cruise

Board Appointee - M. McLelland

Board Appointee - Brian Sigfusson


Board meetings are generally held on the third Thursday of each month. Please visit our Home page for dates and times of the next meeting. 

District Staff

Irina Zotter


Kaitlyn Christensen

Financial Administrator

Irina Zotter

GROW Project Coordinator

Derek Kaartinen

Resource Technician