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Allowing Future Generations to Benefit
from our Forward Thinking

Prairie Watersheds Climate Program (PWCP)

The primary website for the Prairie Watersheds Climate Program (PWCP) can be referenced here.

Nitrogen Management

  • Use of Polymer Coated Urea (PCU) Fertilizer

  • Use of Combined Nitrification and Urease Inhibitors or use of dual inhibitors

  • Agronomic Support for Nitrogen Management Plans

  • Soil Testing

  • Soil Mapping

  • Adding Legumes to crop rotation

  • Upgrading seeder equipment to allow for banding, side dressing and injection of fertilize

  • Split Application of Fertilizer to improve Nitrogen use

  • Upgrading manure injection and incorporation equipment

  • Offsetting higher cost of synthetic fertilizer substitutes (manure, compost, digestates)

Nitrogen Management Fact Sheet (Primary Eligibility Requirements)

Fertilizer Substitutes & Manure Integration Application

Equipment Upgrade & Split Fertilizer Application

Inhibitors & Slow-Release Fertilizer Application


Nitrogen Planning, Soil Testing, Soil Mapping

Synthetic Manure Substitutes & Manure Equipment Upgrades

Cover Cropping

  • Fall and spring cover crops 

  • Full-season annual and/or perennial cover crops 

  • Planning and technical assessments

Cover Cropping Fact Sheet (Primary Eligibility Requirements)

Cover Cropping Application

Rotational Grazing

  • Cross-fencing (Permanent & Temp) to support the rotational grazing plan 

  • Watering Systems to support the rotational grazing plan 

  • Improved pasture compositions by seeding legumes such as alfalfa or sainfoin 

  • Creation of a rotational grazing management plan

Rotational Grazing Fact Sheet (Primary Eligibility Requirements)

Rotational Grazing Application